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South Sligo Summer School
July 15th - July 21st 2018 (Sun-Sat)
Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Set Dancing Classes

For the good are always the merry,

Save by an evil chance,

And the merry love the fiddle,

And the merry love to dance:

“The Fiddler of Dooney” by W.B.Yeats


Set Dancing Classes

Adults only,

10:00am - 1:00pm

Teachers: Pat Murphy

Set dancing is a popular form of traditional social dancing in Ireland. Set dances are based on quadrilles and when introduced into Ireland, were adopted to dance with Irish Music and transformed into this unique folk dance style. In Set Dancing, each set is performed by four couples arranged in a square, the dance usually begins with all eight participants weaving a figure and then couples will dance separately before returning to the original figures. Popular dances include; The Plain set, Clare Lancers, Caledonian, Newport set and the Cashel set to name but a few. Local favourites include South Sligo Lancers and the tubbercurry lancers . The dances are easy to learn, enjoyable for beginners and offer more experienced dancers opportunities to show their stuff.


Sean Nos Dancing Classes

Sean Nos Dancing Daily

Adults and children

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Teacher:Edwina Guckian

Sean Nos Dance translates to "old style dance". It is the oldest style of Irish dancing. It originates from the Commemara region on the Irish west coast. The footwork, not unlike tap dancing, is called "battering". This stepping is very relaxed and dances are impromptu and free style with the dancer improvising and expressing themselves. It is often done on a small wooden stage, in earlier times, this might have been a half door or kitchen table top. Dancing is usually done individually or in small groups. It is great fun to watch and listen to. Watch Edwina performing at Oireachtas na Samhna 2012

Set Dancing Ceili

Ceilis are held every night at 8:30pm in St. Brigid's Hall, in the town center. The Ceili's will finish about 11:30pm. Each evening there is a different band and atmosphere and we are joined by many dancing groups from neighbouring towns. Refreshments, tea, coffee and much needed cold drinks are available on site.

A Ceili Dance: a ceili (kay-lee) is a traditional Irish gathering for music and dance and craic (fun). Traditional ceili dances were enjoyed at house parties and corner road gatherings in rural Ireland. Revived in the 1980's, ceilis are enjoyed in dance and community halls in Ireland. We are proud to present some of Ireland's finest ceili bands for the set dancing each night. The 2017 schedule is as follows.

Sunday: Swallows Tail Ceili Band Link

Monday: Matt Cunningham Ceili Band Link

Tuesday: The Long Note Ceili Band

Wednesday: Dartry Ceili Band Link

Thursday: Swallows Tail Ceili Band Link

Friday: Taylors Cross Ceili Band

Saturday afternoon: Rise the Dust Ceili BandLink

Saturday evening: Glenside Ceili BandLink