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South Sligo Summer School
July 15th - July 21st 2018 (Sun-Sat)
Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for the week at the summer school?

The fee for adults is € €120. The fee for U-16 is €90.

What is included in the weekly registration fee?

The registration fee for the week (Adults €120, U-16 €90) covers weekly morning class, afternoon Sean Nos Dancing, Interactive Talks and evening Recitals.

Is there an age requirement for participants?

There is no age requirement, all ages welcome.

Can I participate in more than one class?

Yes, You can do Sean Nos Dancing in the afternoon after your selected morning class. It is also possible to do afternoon master classes after the morning sessions.

Which events are not covered by the registration fee?

The Monday night concert, the Friday night Grand Traditional Concert and nightly Ceili's are charged at entrance - €10.00. There is however a discount for registered students to these events - €7.00.

What is the fee to attend Interactive Talks and Recitals?

Registered participants can attend Interactive Talks and Recitals at no additional charge.

There is a charge of €7 for non-registered visitors to attend these events. This will be collected at the entrance.

What is the fee to attend the masterclass?

The master class is €20. For u-18 it is €10. MUSIC GENERATION SLIGO is delighted to offer half-price tickets to young people U18 to attend the Masterclasses.

What is the fee to attend Sean Nos Dancing?

Registered participants can attend Sean Nos Dancing at no additional charge.

There is a charge of €10 for non-registered visitors to attend this class. This will be collected at the entrance.

Do I need to have my own instrument?

It's preferable to have your own instrument - but we have a small selection of instruments that can be used, availability is "limited". Check with the committee in advance.

Where do the classes take place?

Classes are held at a variety of venues; schools, community rooms, etc. within walking distance of the town center.

Can I pre-register for the summer school?

Yes, would like to receive your expression of interest, however we are not set up to take payments in advance, and all registration is done on Monday morning before the first class. Link to Registration form..

How do I secure accommodation for the week?

All students need to make their own accommodation arrangements. An accommodation list is provided and/or contact the local tourist offices. link